Marriotts concierge lounge is updated with biophilic principles to include Daltile in a new innovative way.

The Rancho Cordova Marriott Hotel is a business hotel servicing the City of Sacramento, California. Built in 1986, the interior has only seen minor renovations since it’s opening. The renovation of the concierge lounge will be the focus of this project. The current design is poorly lighted with dark finishes and with an absence of daylight, the space is uninviting to guests. Using a variety of Daltile products and by applying several biophillic design principals, I hope to enliven the space with light, introduce contemporary furnishings and materials, soften the space with water and natural vegetation and provide a clear view of the concierge lounge from the lobby inviting guests to have a cup of coffee or juice and engage in a discussion of travel activities.

For the new design, an incorporation of biophilic forms that brings nature inside in a new way will be a constant theme throughout. Materials exclusively from Daltile are used to address biophilic ideas to create a space that is pleasant and intuitive. One of these forms is applied with a new material called Concierge Sand, by Daltile and is incorporated into a custom waterwall fountain. This porcelain could be grouted and submerged in water, and is placed as a backsplash linear mosaic tile within the waterfall, creating an antique visual effect that enhances the presence of water. Nature is joined together visually to address the psychological and physiological importance of a natural environment, the two bamboo plants mimic the plants outside, combining the interior with the exterior. To add natural lighting, the atria was extended and windows were added. By amplifying patterns of diffused light, visitors will feel as if they are encompassed within an outdoor space. There will be a non visual connection to nature with a completely redesigned counter featuring a form of a curve, displaying Daltiles exceptional Geo Flecks material. The Riverbank One Quartz surface would be bullnosed for a finished edge to create one seamless design. With an addition of a new Ambassador Series tile, the Wanderlust White flooring will give a natural definitive edge within the space.

Each material was specifically chosen from Daltile for its purpose to provide Marriotts Concierge Lounge a superior advantage among their adversaries.

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