JP Morgan & Chase has had a traditional way of doing things, however recent trends in banks have pushed for contemporary styles. In my design, I propose a blend of modern and traditional styles for Chase to have a superior advantage above it's community.

The goal of this project was to provide the client with a plan on how they can organize their Bank and Regional Offices. The client would open their business in a multi-story building in Roseville, CA. In the process of planning the space, I began with preliminary steps, including getting a greater understanding of what the client needed, finding out what the main spaces of the building were, how many employees they needed in each space, and where customers were and were not allowed entry.

Planning included making sure the customer felt relaxed, and confident in the the bank knowing that their money and information would be secure. Since customers provide personal information, many of the spaces have to be enclosed and quiet.While these spaces remain private, many other areas have a living office atmosphere, encouraging open collaboration in a lively engaging environment. The use of a curve will help in engaging the customers interest in also having this living experience.

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